Monday, 6 February 2012

Tacos and Lemon Biscuits!

Last week as the Arctic winds gripped us, we decided to head for the sunshine by making tacos! These delicious tacos made for an interesting mid-week change. Of course sunshine tacos need to be followed by some sunshine dessert....

             So naturally we baked some lemon biscuits to go with the theme!

               Soon our busy little group of chefs were able to master it! 

Not only were all the ingredients bursting with freshness and the vitamins we needed to face this cold, cold winter, but also the recipes used were extremely quick and simple.

And what better than after a hard day at school to sit back and relax with our friends, throw out the winter blues, and indulge in a mix of fiery, cool, sweet and zesty flavours!

                  As you can see, everyone was very pleased with the results!

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