Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Family Fun Day!

The Mini Cooking Club was at the Ellen Brown Children's Centre for Family Fun Day on Saturday, 24th March 2012. The sun was shining, and we did what we know best! We set up a cooking workshop for parents and children. The children were making fruit salad and mixed salad with couscous, under our volunteers' supervision and guidance. The parents were learning from Cecilia how to make homemade hummus a sardine dip, served with the pitta and brown bread. Yum.

While the parents and children were having fun and enjoying the food, we also talked to parents and children about healthy eating and how practical cooking skills can help their children in the future.

A massive thank you to the Ellen Brown Children's Centre, our volunteers and participants. It was a great day and we hope to work with the Centre again soon!

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