Friday, 22 March 2013

Nutrition During Pregnancy Programme

The Mini Cooking Club will continue to offer educational cooking workshops to families, children and those with mental health concerns. Our future plan is to provide a similar service for pregnant women, so watch this space!

Last year, after discussion with parents and healthcare professionals, it became apparent that there was a lack of these workshops for pregnant women in many London areas. It is highly important that these women have optimum health and nutrition - not just during pregnancy, but afterwards too.

The Mini Cooking Club has therefore decided to offer educational cooking workshops to pregnant women as it is believed that this will not only offer women the opportunity to learn about the benefits of good nutrition for their own health, alongside that of their families.

We are still in the process of developing the 6-week Nutrition during Pregnancy programme, but here is a sneak preview for all the eager beavers:

• Healthy eating and pregnancy – based on the Eatwell plate in relation to the different stages of pregnancy, with a focus on vitamins and minerals.
• Foods to avoid (and foods to consume in moderation e.g. certain animal products, caffeine).
• Food safety and hygiene – preparation, storage, cooking and eating out.
• Specialist diets – cultural and religious (e.g. vegan, halal).
• Pregnancy and exercise – resolve any concerns and provide exercise advice
• Breastfeeding and weaning – healthy eating advice after the birth and weaning portion sizes.

In addition to the above, each session will also contain a cooking workshop. It is hoped that by educating women and providing them with the skills to cook food at home, there will be less reliance on unhealthy foods and an enjoyment of home cooking that will contribute to family growth and development.

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