Saturday, 11 May 2013

St Paul’s Cake Sale, 12 May 2013, Covent Garden

HIV remains one of the most significant public healthy challenges today. At the end of 2011, an estimated 96,000 people were living with HIV in the UK (National Aids Trust, 2011). These include about 73,400 people diagnosed with HIV, and 22,600 who were infected but undiagnosed. Treatment for the condition has significantly improved since the 1950s, with life expectancy increasing from a few years to near normal. And with an early diagnosis, a person’s life can be just as happy and fulfilling as anyone else’s.

There are numerous charities dedicated to helping those with HIV. The Food Chain is an innovative charity seeking to promote nutrition education and cookery skills to those living with the condition in London. They have lots of reliable information for those seeking to understand HIV and offer many practical solutions for people living with the condition. The organisation seeks to provide people with access to the nutrition they need to get well, remain well and lead healthy, independent lives. They also deliver meals and other food to people at home, hold cooking and nutrition classes, and offer communal eating opportunities to people living with HIV and their dependents.

Charities like The Food Chain always need more funds, and this Sunday 12th May, The Mini Cooking Club is teaming up with them to host St Paul’s Cake Sale at Covent Garden, part of the ‘Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival.’ We will be offering delicious homemade banana bread, cupcakes, carrot cake and bread rolls in exchange for a donation. Our day will start at 10am, in time for the colourful procession at 11am. We hope to see you all there. Find out where we’ll be.
To find out more about The Food Chain initiative or get involved, go to their website.

By Catherine Heath

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