Friday, 19 July 2013

FunMeFit: Community Health

Based in Sheffield, FunMeFit combines health and fitness with playing together as a family as a way to achieve overall wellbeing. Founded by Kate Hill, mother of two, the organisation has been going for two years. It is fervently devoted to the idea that playing together strengthens families and is a fun way to get fit. Sheffield is full of green spaces, parks and woodland, so a website like this has been a long time coming.

There are many resources across the internet providing access to an array of activities, health and volunteering events, but FunMeFit brings all of these together under one roof. Targeted health and fitness resources mean that members can easily find what they’re looking for, including businesses that can help organise events and provide materials. FunMeFit is personable, easy to use and great for your health.

As they put it themselves: "FunMeFit is a community that brings people together from all over the community, whether a business, an individual, a charity or a group for the purpose of promoting healthy living, community work and physical activity.” FunMeFit is open to all. Not just limited to Sheffield, members are mainly from the UK but FunMeFit also has strong links with New York.

This innovative business can be broken down into two parts:

The Directory – a large database of services, businesses and organisations relevant to the health and fitness community. Join here.

The Community – Where members can freely create a profile for themselves and join an active network of health and fitness organisations and individuals. Join here.

Far too often we are bombarded with bad news and frightening stories, such as rising obesity levels and increased health problems from childhood, without focusing on ways to improve. FunMeFit, much like The Mini Cooking Club, responds to the need for positive health solutions. They do this by providing access to a network for health and fitness stakeholders, ranging from zumba teachers, to toddler climbing clubs, to play groups. Messy Mangoes is Kate’s own toddler group which encourages fun, interactive and creative play time.

FunMeFit’s primary aims are to:

1.    Encourage people to become more active
2.    Assist people in improving their wellbeing, developing skills and networking with other members of the community
3.    Get people to promote physical activity within the community and/or deliver such activities

We here at the Mini Cooking Club wholeheartedly support these goals. An added benefit of the website is helping young people and job-seekers discover opportunities to use their own skills as well as providing CV development, and enabling them to connect with important individuals, groups and businesses in the health community.

Join FunMeFit today and benefit from a whole host of services, most of them for free (upgrade to a premium account if you are a larger business). Upon joining, you will be freely promoted across social media, and can be part of the regular events held for members and non-members. Let’s all get fit and healthy together! 

See what the FunMeFit community has been up to here, and contact them on this form

By Catherine Heath

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