Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Waste Less Live More Week: Better Food For All

From 16 – 22 September, the Mini Cooking Club is taking part in Waste less, Live more Week 2013.

Waste less, Live more is a campaign which aims to raise awareness of how environmental and social issues are linked. The theme of the week this year is Better Food for All. There are huge benefits for society and the environment if we all waste less food and eat healthier food.   

A big part of cooking is the ability to schedule shopping trips at least weekly and ensure the fridge and cupboards are stocked with ingredients. However, whilst it is good to plan ahead, a great deal of food bought in Britain is wasted – 19% of everything actually bought, in fact. Much of this can be avoided, and charities like Waste Watch (now part of Keep Britain Tidy) have launched campaigns to help.

Between 16 – 22 September there will be a variety of activities and events hosted by a diverse range of organisations, businesses and charities encouraging people to perform a simple act, big or small, that supports both people and the environment. The aim is to demonstrate how we can all live better whilst consuming less.

The Mini Cooking Club will be hosting its own activity to raise awareness of Waste less, Live more Week in the coming month. Keep checking our Facebook page for updates. 

People and the environment are inextricably linked. If we waste less food, there will be less energy and money spent on farming unnecessarily, transport and packaging. This means that the environment will benefit through the actions of people making small but significant changes in their daily lives.

For further information about what is going on during the week or to get involved in Waste less, Live more Week visit the official website.   

Follow Waste less, Live more Week on Twitter or share the link ( with your friends on Facebook.

By Catherine Heath

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