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Peckham Children's Cooking and Exercise Programme January 2014

Fit Foodie founder, Eric
The Mini Cooking Club are launching a new and free programme called the Fit Foodie, designed by trained exercise physiologist and long-time volunteer Eric Ogbogbo. Eric has lived in South London all his life, and believes there is a need for more children’s activities that teach them how to be healthy.

This programme uniquely aims to combine cooking and exercise. It will improve children's practical cooking skills, fitness and their understanding of the benefits of physical activity. Those who attend this course will learn about how exercise can benefit physical health, boost mood and confidence, as well as improving body composition, strength and flexibility.

Eric says, “The Fit Foodie programme with The Mini Cooking Club is a project I am very passionate about, and absolutely thrilled to be starting. I’ve worked in both the private and public health sector as a physiologist and have witnessed how many people’s lives are affected by preventable health problems, because they have a poor lifestyle. Unfortunately the number is growing. 

“That’s when I was lucky enough to find The Mini Cooking Club and volunteered with them as they did wonderful work teaching children how to cook and eat well. The idea naturally came to combine their expertise with mine to give the children of Southwark the key skills they need to get them started on the journey to a healthy life.”

Each two-hour session will consist of light exercise, an exercise theory/nutrition session (including how to eat a balanced diet and understand food labels), plus one hour's cooking practice.

All sessions include popular games such as handball, football and touch rugby, as well as fun quizzes with prizes for top students (sports water bottles). At the end of the course, kids will be awarded a Graduation Certificate as proof of their new skills and hard work.

One of our past programmes, Food for Champions
Finally, Eric says, “The Fit Foodie program will centre on teaching kids how to enjoy cooking and showing them how to make simple great tasting recipes that they will be proud of. Each week we will cover an aspect of fitness such as cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, physical and mental benefits of exercise. The exercise section will not just be about playing games, it is also about teaching and showing the children why staying active is important, how it improves not just your body but you’re your mind and your confidence.”

The Fit Foodie programme is open to all children (5-11years) from local families who are interested in learning how to cook and taking part in physical activities. We will hold the sessions at the Copleston Centre in Peckham which is easily accessible using local bus routes. All children need to do is bring themselves and be keen to have fun!

The course is free to all children who are residents of Southwark.

Time: Saturdays 12:30-14:30
Venue: Copleston Centre, Copleston Road, Peckham SE15 4AN
Cost: Free
Starts: 25th January 2014 
Runs for: 6 weeks
To book: contact | 07738 399 474

Charity Info

The Mini Cooking Club is a registered charity that runs educational cooking and nutrition workshops for children and families in Southwark. All classes are free to attend. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by donations. For more information about us visit our website, or to donate to us visit our Charity Checkout page.

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